Private Community Warning: 'Your message will be seen by people outside of Private Community'


  • Every time User A mentions User B, who belongs to the same private community, User A gets the following caution message:

    CAUTION: Your message will be seen by people outside of @[PrivateCommunity]. We recommend you remove other people and communities from this message.



  • The following additional message may show up when you publish a private community post in multiple communities:

    Because you've targeted multiple communities, this will be a public post, but it will appear in some private communities. Some people reading it may believe it is a private conversation. Are you sure you want to post it?




  • This behavior is normal and by design.
  • With 'Enforce preservation of activity event privacy' turned off, a user can make a private activity stream item public by targeting it to additional people or communities, or by sharing to the same.

  • Skyvera Social will caution the user against doing so, but it will not prevent them from doing it.

  • Targeting a private community means that item is private. If you share it with another community or another person explicitly, even if they follow that community, the item will no longer be private, hence the warning message. 




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