Skyvera Support Portal & User Experience




Creating a New Account

To be able to create support tickets and access product documentation, you will need to have an account on the portal. 

  1. From the top-right side of the support portal, click on SIGN IN.


  2. From the Login Window, click on the Sign Up link.

  3. On the Sign Up window, provide your full name and email address.


    To make it easier associating your account with your organization, we recommend using your official email address to sign up to the support portal.

  4. Verify the Captcha by checking the I'm not a robot box and click Sign up.


  1. If there is already an account on the portal associated with your email address, you will be notified when signing up with instructions on how to proceed.
  2. If you communicated with the support team in the past via email, an account will be designated for your email address, in which case you will be unable to create a new account. Use the Get a Password link to set a new password on your account.

Login on to the Portal

  1. From the top-right side of the support portal, click on SIGN IN.

  2. On the Login window, provide your email address and password and click on Sign In if you already have an account on the Portal.


Upon successful login to the portal, you will be redirected to your home page, where you will have access to search the knowledge base or create new tickets.


Resetting your Password

  1. If you have an account on the portal but cannot remember your password, click on the Forgot my password link.

  2. On the next window, enter your email address and click Submit.


You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password.


Submitting a New Ticket

To create a new support ticket:

  1. Click on SUBMIT A REQUEST at the top-left side of the portal


  2. On the next page, select your product from the dropdown

  3. On the ticket form:
    1. Add emails of any persons you would like to be cc'ed on the ticket in the CC field.

    2. Enter the Subject of the ticket. It is recommended to make the subject as descriptive of the issue you are reporting as possible.


    3. In the Description field, provide the details of the issue you are reporting. To help understand your issue better, provide any additional information such steps to reproduce the issue.

    4. Under Priority, select the Urgency of the issue you are reporting.

    5. If you select the priority as Urgent, indicate the impact the issue is having on your organization's operations under BUSINESS IMPACT


      For critical issues that require immediate assistance, note down the phone numbers indicated on the form and call right after submitting the ticket.

    6. If you would prefer our support agents to contact you by phone, check the box for I prefer to be contacted by phone and provide your phone number in the field for WHAT IS THE BEST NUMBER TO REACH YOU?


    7. Under attachments, click on Add file to add any supporting screenshots or documents you might want to add to the ticket.

    8. For GDPR preposes, if check the box to indicate if you are requesting the ticket from the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

    9. If any information on the ticket is considered as highly sensitive, check the box indicating This ticket may contain highly sensitive data such as ...
  4. Once all the relevant information is provided, click SUBMIT to save your ticket.


Please review all the information banners on the ticket before submitting it.


Ticket Management

Apart from creating new tickets, the support portal also allows you to manage your existing tickets.

To access your tickets, click on MY ACTIVITIES on the top-right of the support portal when logged on.



Under My requests, you will see all tickets raised requested by you.



Tickets requested by other people in which you were registered in CC will be displayed under Requests I'm CC'd on.

Under Organization requests, you will be able to see tickets requested by other people from your organization. The organization requests view may not be available to you if you are not granted access to tickets from other people in your organization. 


Escalate an Open Ticket

If you feel your ticket is not being attended to with the urgency it deserves or if the urgency of the issue changed since the time you created the ticket, you are able to escalate the ticket. 

Click on ESCALATE under the action column for the ticket




You can only escalate a ticket after 60 minutes of when it was created.


Re-open a Solved or Closed ticket

If your ticket was closed whiles your issue is still unresolved, you may reopen the ticket by clicking REOPEN under action.








My Activities List Page:

From the request’s detail page, user can see the updates on their tickets and can also update the ticket themselves.


Reopening a ticket

User can re-open the request by updating the ticket if they feels the issue is not resolved yet and they have not filled out the NPS survey.

Reviewing organization ticket

Other than the tickets created by the user, they can also view the requests they are copied into and the organisation’s request.





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