Contacting the Bonzai Sales Team


The Bonzai Sales team will be glad to help all our prospective customers who may have different queries and would like to know more about the Bonzai product, request a price quotation of our services, or request a demo of the product. This article provides information on how to contact the Bonzai Sales Team. 


Website Contact

You can complete a contact form on the Bonzai website, and the sales team will reach out to you to answer any questions you have.

To request a price quotation on our services,

  1. Click on Price Quote on the top navigation bar of the page. 


  2. Complete the requested details on the form and click on REQUEST YOUR QUOTE


To request a Demo of the Bonzai product:

  1. Click on GET A DEMO on the top-right side of the website. 


  2. Complete the information requested on the form and click the GET YOUR DEMO button. 


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Live Chat

You can also initiate a live chat from the Bonzai website by following the below steps:

  1. Click on the chatbot icon at the bottom-right side of the site. 


  2. Select any of the applicable actions you would like to do, or type your queries in the chatbox and press the enter key. 


  3. A representative from the sales team will join the chat to assist you.

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Phone Contact

You can reach the Bonzai Sales team on the following phone number:

US Toll number +1 844-329-2940

If your call is not answered at the time, a representative from the sales team will call you back as soon as possible.

NOTE: If you are an existing Bonzai Customer, reach out to the Support team for any query you may have. The support team will connect you to your account manager to assist you.


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