EPM Live Version 7.0.0 Hotfix 2

Release Overview

EPM Live Version 7.0.0 hotfix 2 release is focused on fixing issues reported by customers in the 7.0.0 release.

Release Version: 7.0.0 Hotfix 2

Release Date: December 6, 2018


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Summary of Issues Fixed

2.1 Issues Fixed in v7.0.0 Hotfix 2

The following defects are addressed in this release:

  • Users can now right-click and perform various functions within the project form itself (SKYVERA-448).
  • Corrected an issue where opening an existing Resource record to create a new working pattern for that resource would not save the new item (SKYVERA-919).
  • An unhandled exception caused email notifications to fail or cause incorrect notifications on publishing projects. This has been corrected (SKYVERA-1021).
  • Improved performance for Project Managers when loading weekly timesheets (SKYVERA-1091)
  • Corrected an issue where timesheet weeks that had been approved are no longer approved (SKYVERA-1094).
  • Corrected a malformed string that was preventing the timesheet manager screen from loading (SKYVERA-1154).
  • Improved support for special characters in project names to also reflect in project teams’ permissions. Note that due to SharePoint limitations, the following characters are NOT supported: | \ " ' / [ ] : < > + = , ; ? * @ (SKYVERA-1303).
  • Added a fix to remove licenses stored in the backend after deleting the associated resource (SKYVERA-1309).
  • Corrected an issue that prevented users to be assigned a license (SKYVERA-1319).
  • When saving a project plan, it would verify all task titles, even those that were deleted. We now skip validating deleted tasks (SKYVVERA-1472).
  • A SQL deadlock code cause the online planner to be blank. Improved code to avoid this deadlock (SKYVERA-1605).
  • Corrected an issue where planners could disappear from project teams if the viewing user was not on the list of project resources (SKYVERA-1608).
  • Corrected an issue where all items were returned even items not assigned to the user (SKYVERA-1706)
  • The non-team member check is now run in parallel with the timesheet saving operation so that it is not blocked (SKYVERA-1960).
  • Corrected an issue where the select planner option was not available (SKYVERA-2010)
  • Strike-through now appears when we delete a task or remove an assigned user from the task. Disabled tasks are now highlighted to differentiate them from deleted tasks (SKYVERA-2011).
  1. Known Issues
  • A scenario in which two calendars, each containing a different number of items, are added to resource manager could cause “Unable to get Property” errors when the default view is set to the calendar with the larger number of items (EPMLCID-19426)
  • Special characters in user’s email addresses could cause user creation to fail (EPMLCID- 19951).
  • Time off is incorrectly being reported in Committed Work – instead it should be categorized under “Show Personal Time Off” (EPMLCID-19348).
  • While importing costs from a CSV, the import process only saves data into the PFE database and does no save changes on the RPT database. This causes the Actual Costs field in project center to not update (EPMLCID-1831).


Compatible Software

This release is compatible with the following software:

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016
  • Microsoft SQL Standard or Enterprise – note that this release of EPM Live supports the versions of Microsoft SQL that SharePoint supports (SP2016)
  • Web Browsers: This release of EPM Live supports IE 11 for full Microsoft Project Integration
  • Microsoft Project 2010, 2015


QA Test System

This release was tested on a system with the following software specifications:

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016
  • Microsoft SQL 2016 Standard
  • Windows Server 2012 R2


How to Install or Upgrade to this Release

Installing or upgrading to this release has not changed from the prior release. Please consult the Install Guide for complete installation and upgrade information. Note that the EPM Live application has several important components, installations steps and security considerations. Please do not attempt to upgrade EPM Live on your own. Skyvera recommends that you work with EPM Live Professional services and/or your account manager.


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