Bonzai 2.2.9 Release Notes

Release Overview


Aurea is happy to announce and provide release version 2.2.9 that fixes a few issues in Bonzai Intranet.


Release Version

  • 2.2.9

Release Date

  • July 04, 2020


  • Release Notes
  • Bonzai Intranet Deployment Package



Fixed Issues


Here you can find the list of resolved issues specific to Bonzai Intranet 2.2.9.


Ticket Description
News slider timing is incorrect after upgrade to 2.2.7.
DynamoDB Trigger for Site Collection configuration and theme
mapping is not working after code cleanup.
Bonzai Intranet should take the value of the current site URL
when the property is empty in the web part configuration.
Expired posts are showing in Marketplace/Forum.
Users seeing navigation changes made in Brick without updat-
ing the cache key.
BOINT-14000 Adding a filter property at the result source shows no result.
BOINT-15317 New Employees pages are not working.
Featured news item is not appearing on the landing page in
Internet Explorer 11.




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Known Issues

The following is the known issue in Bonzai Intranet 2.2.9:

You may see new items in the Term Store even without a cache key update in
Brick if you clear your browser's cache or use a browser where the stored cache
key is different from the Brick cache key.


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System Requirements


The required software is noted below, with an emphasis on the following terms:

  • Certified - this release was tested specifically against this configuration.
  • Supported - this release was not tested against this specific configuration, though it remains supported as differences between it and the certified software are minimal or not applicable to Bonzai.




Operating System

  • Windows Server 2016 with .NET Framework 4.5
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 with .NET
  • Framework 4.5


  • SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint 2013 w/ SP 1 or higher


  • MS SQL 2016 Std
  • Bonzai supports the versions of Microsoft SQL that SharePoint supports (SP2013 | SP2016). 

Web Browser

  • IE 11
  • Chrome 79.0.3945.130





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How to Install or Upgrade to This Release


Please contact Professional Services for more information on how we can help you upgrade to this release.

  • The Bonzai team will deploy 2.2.9 to our CDN (Content Delivery Network) on July 04, 2020, and republish the themes for 2.2 customers.


Customers running 2.2.0 and above will automatically be updated to 2.2.9, with no further action required on their tenants/farms.




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