Release Notes

Release Overview

Published: February 2nd, 2019

1. Release Overview

EPM Live Version release is focused on fixing issues reported by customers in
previous releases and adding features to improve product usability.

Release Version:
Release Date: February 2, 2019

  • EPM Live Installer
  • Release Notes Documentation

2. What’s New in this Release

This release introduces no new features.

3. Summary of Issues Fixed

3.1 Issues Fixed in v7.0.0.5

  • The following defects are addressed in this release:
  • Opening the Resource Plan, the modal pop-up no longer returns an error (SKYVERA-2993).
  • Opening a timesheet period from timesheet settings no longer times out with an error (SKYVERA-2702).
  • Archiving a project now disables its timesheets (SKYVERA-2748)
  • Fixed Timesheet-Administrator role; now can approve/reject timesheet (SKYVERA2787).
  • Optimized timesheet saving to reduce time taken (SKYVERA-2812, SKYVERA-2814,SKYVERA-2400).
  • Optimize task center cleanup job to reduce time taken (SKYVERA-462)
  • Optimize license checking to reduce time taken (SKYVERA-493)
  • Improving report refresh process by indexing DB tables (SKYVERA-2855)
  • Adding tasks to plan from the ribbon in the web planner functionality restored (SKYVERA-1882)

4. Known Issues

  • None

5. Compatible Software

This release is compatible with the following software:

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016
  • Microsoft SQL Standard or Enterprise – note that this release of EPM Live supports the
    versions of Microsoft SQL that SharePoint supports (SP2016)
  • Web Browsers: This release of EPM Live supports IE 11 for full Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Project 2010, 2015

6. QA Test System

This release was tested on a system with the following software specifications:

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016
  • Microsoft SQL 2016 Standard
  • Windows Server 2012 R2

7. How to Install or Upgrade to this Release

Installing or upgrading to this release has not changed from the prior release. Please consult
the Install Guide for complete installation and upgrade information. Note that the EPM Live
application has a number of important components, installations steps and security
considerations. Please do not attempt to upgrade EPM Live on your own. Skyvera
recommends that you work with EPM Live Professional services and/or your account






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